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I recently had the great honor (at least, from my perspective) of being invited to record an episode of a LOST re-watch podcast, covering two of LOST‘s near-the-end-of-the-first-season’s episodes.

There will be spoilers for LOST, the TV show. This is your final warning.



On occasion, I’ve written about podcasts that I enjoy.


This post will be talking about the most recent Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. It will probably be spoilery.


Full disclosure: I really enjoyed the movie, and I am eagerly looking forward to future installments. And I’m looking forward to seeing The Force Awakens again (because at the time of this writing, I’ve only seen it three times and that’s too few, yo.)

That doesn’t mean I think the movie is perfect, there are things that I’d like to examine, but overall I loved it. In general reviews have been positive, but I respect and appreciate criticisms of the movie.

If everyone loved every single thing about it, there’d be nothing to talk about.


Ash vs Evil Dead

Weed Plus Weird? Not Good.

Currently on the Starz network, Saturday night programming delightfully has Ash vs Evil Dead: the charming tale of a somewhat unambitious and bumbling character who happens to have some problems. Many of those problems are related to his personality, but the major one would be his being the target of terrifying forces of evil.


(Spoiler Warning: this post might be a bit of a downer, but I hope to keep it upbeat. You’ll understand.)

Around 9:41 p.m. last night (that would be Wednesday, August 20 2014 for you benighted souls without calendars) emailed me to let me know that my copy of Murder at Avedon Hill, by P.G. Holyfield, had shipped. Awesome.


Roughly one hundred minutes later at 11:20 p.m., the author, P.G. Holyfield, died. (Look, I did say this might be a bummer.)


As of this posting, we Game of Thrones viewers will have one more episode until the hiatus between Seasons Four and Five.


I’ve been enjoying this season (if enjoying is the correct word… you know what I’m talking about) but I’ve also enjoyed listening to my favorite Game of Thrones podcasts.

In the show’s first season, there was only one podcast that I knew about (I acknowledge that there might have been many, I was just unaware.) Now there are too many to possibly listen to.


The deadline to nominate your favorite podcast for a Parsec Award is approaching; on May 31st, nominations end and the Parsec awards committee gets very busy.


Not familiar with the Parsec awards?

Back in ye olde 2006, the award was created to honor and recognize this newfangled Podcasting medium. The awards have a strong focus on Speculative Fiction (with categories for original content, the creative process, or just talking about favorite entertainment, etc.)