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I recently had the great honor (at least, from my perspective) of being invited to record an episode of a LOST re-watch podcast, covering two of LOST‘s near-the-end-of-the-first-season’s episodes.

There will be spoilers for LOST, the TV show. This is your final warning.


Getting LOST in Westworld

Posted: October 19, 2016 by patricksponaugle in Lost, Opinion, TV, Westworld
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This post will be talking about HBO’s new drama Westworld, but I’ll also be talking about ABC’s LOST. (And possibly Mutant Enemy Productions’ excellent film Cabin in the Woods.)

If you’re not up to date on these properties then this post might not be for you. (Unless you don’t care about spoilers. I don’t judge.)


Last chance to eject, because I’ll not be shying away from talking about plot details of all of the properties I mentioned above.


Ash vs Evil Dead

Weed Plus Weird? Not Good.

Currently on the Starz network, Saturday night programming delightfully has Ash vs Evil Dead: the charming tale of a somewhat unambitious and bumbling character who happens to have some problems. Many of those problems are related to his personality, but the major one would be his being the target of terrifying forces of evil.




ABSTRACT: (My scientifically-minded friends have asked several times for a Too Long; Didn’t Read version of my posts, so…) People complain about the final season of Lost. I do not share their view. I will address the common complaints of the flash-sideways limbo (which was emotionally satisfying and a very Lost thing to do, thematically) and the perceived lack of answers (which I appreciated with the same faculty with which I appreciate something like poetry, for example.)

I love Lost. (The title might have given that away.)

Recently on the Jay and Jack Facebook group (you don’t know Jay and Jack? You should!) there was a discussion of TV shows that had either gone on too long, or had spawned a spin-off that had tarnished the reputation of its predecessor. Lost was mentioned, not in the spin-off category, but as a show that had gone on too long, and some criticism of the final season was opined.

I love Lost. I’m shameless about it. So what will now follow will be a totally biased and uncritical love letter to season six. I might as well be honest about it.