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Lisa (my wife) and I have a friend named Heather who is very talented. She can dance, she can sing. She acts. Heather’s cool.

Back in 2011 (don’t hold me to that year, but I’m pretty sure) Heather told us some exciting news. She had a part in a local production of a musical we might be interested in seeing.

Evil Dead the Musical.



No, I’m not talking about Ash Williams’ BOOM-STICK. I’m talking about something else.

The Deadites are pretty creepy in the Evil Dead movies. Once summoned, they can possess people (usually the dead) to become terrifying and hard-to-kill creatures who enjoy not only torturing the living, but creating even more Deadites.

But after they’ve been summoned.



I recently made a post about the Starz show Ash vs Evil Dead, which furthers the adventures of Ashley J. Williams, reluctant Deadite-fighter from the Evil Dead movies. In that post, I mentioned that the only movie necessary to enjoy the television show would be 1987’s Evil Dead II.

I had wanted to say more about that, as well as the tricky continuity between Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, and Evil Dead III (okay, it’s actually known as Army of Darkness. But I like calling it Evil Dead III. I also like the alternative also-not-the-title Medieval Dead.)


Ash vs Evil Dead

Weed Plus Weird? Not Good.

Currently on the Starz network, Saturday night programming delightfully has Ash vs Evil Dead: the charming tale of a somewhat unambitious and bumbling character who happens to have some problems. Many of those problems are related to his personality, but the major one would be his being the target of terrifying forces of evil.