When I started this blog, it was going to be a venue for me to talk about movies (because one of my friends was tired of reading my huge rambling movie reviews and comments on Facebook.)

Then Game of Thrones happened, which pretty much hijacked the blog. But I still occasionally have things to say about movies. Some of those things are allegedly hilarious.

I had a lot of posts on this blog, and I felt it was high time to list off the movie reviews on a separate page, to aggregate them together.)

I’m unbelievably organized…



The year was 2013…

World War Z (Part One)


My very first movie review! I kind of give a review, and lightly touch on a few details.

World War Z Review (Part Two)


Even more details. Somewhere along the way I complain bitterly about I Am Legend, and how WWZ is a better adaptation of the book (crazy, I know! Or am I?) than I Am Legend was.

Enter the Dragon (Part One)


The Bruce Lee classic. In part one I do a long recap of the movie…

Enter the Dragon (Part Two)


Here in part two, I bring up issues with the movie, particularly the problematic nature of the social justice character.


First Pug Film Fest attendees!

Technically, Enter the Dragon is the kick-off of The Pug Film Fest (see 2014)

Elysium Review


I give a recap for Elysium, but then I talk a lot about other movies, and I think I’ve found a way to rewatch Elysium that will make it an entirely different viewing experience. You just have to relegate Matt Damon into a supporting role, and promote a certain secondary character into the role of big damn hero.


Spider: You know who he’s talking about?
Matt Damon: No clue. I thought I was the hero.

The World’s End Movie Review


I talk a bit about the final movie of the Cornetto trilogy. As I recall, this was non-spoilery.

The World’s End Hasn’t Ended (my review, I mean)


This has all the spoilery bits about the violently comedic alien-invasion pub crawl flick.

History Will Call Us Wives


I talk about Frank Herbert’s Dune. And that horrible movie-like thing made by David Lynch that somehow shared the same name as the great, great book.

The year was 2014…

The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Broke My Daughter


The second Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movie. The first one my daughter has ever seen. I wrote the experience down so it’ll be documented for her therapy years from now.

Best Godzilla Movie Ever


I wrote this in reaction to the Gareth Edwards Godzilla movie, but it’s about a movie I saw in the early 90s. A GREAT Godzilla movie…

Guardians of the Galaxy – A Gamer’s Perspective


I let my geek flag fly, talking Dungeons and Dragons, Traveler, gaming archetypes, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Pug Film Fest 2014 – Eagles and Ashes


The year before, I watched Enter the Dragon with two dogs. I repeated the experience with two dogs (one a veteran movie watcher, one a newcomer to our house) and I decided that a yearly tradition was born. The Pug Film Fest.


I showed my dogs Eagle Shooting Heroes and the amazing Ashes of Time, two very different Hong Kong Action movies with many, many connections between the two.

Star Trek vs Star Trek


Roddenberry vs Abrams. Shatner vs Pine. Can’t we Trek fans all get along?

The year was 2015…

Are Fantastic Four Movies Doomed?


Talking about my favorite doctor: Victor Von Doom. And how I’d rather see a Von Doom movie than another Fantastic Four iteration.

Road Warrior‘ing on the Fury Road


Witness Me! (Really, I don’t think I need to say anything else.)

That Zod-Damned Man of Steel…



I have some controversial things to say about the TWO movies where Superman kills General Zod. Fair warning, it’s a long article, but there’s a poll you can skip right down to and tell me that I’m wrong. (Thought I’d save you some time.)

The year is 2018

Pug Film Festival 2018: Baahubali the Beginning and Conclusion

My loyal dogs and I watched two wonderful movies, telling the story of Baahubali!

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