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ABSTRACT: (My scientifically-minded friends have asked several times for a Too Long; Didn’t Read version of my posts, so…) People complain about the final season of Lost. I do not share their view. I will address the common complaints of the flash-sideways limbo (which was emotionally satisfying and a very Lost thing to do, thematically) and the perceived lack of answers (which I appreciated with the same faculty with which I appreciate something like poetry, for example.)

I love Lost. (The title might have given that away.)

Recently on the Jay and Jack Facebook group (you don’t know Jay and Jack? You should!) there was a discussion of TV shows that had either gone on too long, or had spawned a spin-off that had tarnished the reputation of its predecessor. Lost was mentioned, not in the spin-off category, but as a show that had gone on too long, and some criticism of the final season was opined.

I love Lost. I’m shameless about it. So what will now follow will be a totally biased and uncritical love letter to season six. I might as well be honest about it.