Ninth Annual Parsec Awards

Posted: May 16, 2014 by patricksponaugle in Podcasts
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The deadline to nominate your favorite podcast for a Parsec Award is approaching; on May 31st, nominations end and the Parsec awards committee gets very busy.


Not familiar with the Parsec awards?

Back in ye olde 2006, the award was created to honor and recognize this newfangled Podcasting medium. The awards have a strong focus on Speculative Fiction (with categories for original content, the creative process, or just talking about favorite entertainment, etc.)

I’ve seen nominations for original audio drama, short stories, specific podcasts analyzing television shows, podcasts covering writing tips, thematic/character/storyline/screenplay analysis, you-name-it.

If you want real information (and why wouldn’t you?), go to, not only to get reliable info from a reliable source but also to nominate your favorite podcast. You go do that, I’ll wait.

Okay, you submitted a podcast for consideration? Nice, I submitted three today.

Here’s what happens next: the podcast point of contact will (eventually) get an email notifying them of the nomination and if they choose to participate, they’ll be asked to submit around ten minutes for the semi-finalist judicial minions to listen to and rate. Some number crunching is done from the ranks of minions, and the finalist committee members make their choices.

(Don’t treat this as definitive info, for the real deal go here:

Awards will be announced at this year’s Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia. (Going on Aug 29 – Sep 1.)

You’re not familiar with Dragon*Con? Dude. Thank Zod I’m here to enlighten you.

Best regards to the nominees and especially to those making the nominations. Right on.

  1. longklaw says:

    Both of podcasts I’m on are nominated in the same category. Yikes!


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