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In previous posts, I’ve talked about the excellent Game of Thrones concept album SEVEN from the Manimals. The album features seven characters from Game of Thrones, giving them each a point-of-view song. It’s a delight. (The album. I’m sure my discussions about the songs are tolerable.) Full details can be found on my introductory post.


This post will be talking about Good, a song from the perspective of the formidable fighter Brienne of Tarth.


This post will be talking about two outstanding characters on Game of Thrones. Therefore there will be spoilers if you are not up to date on the show (or have not read the books, but mostly this will be related to the show.)

Fair warning.



Yes, even Catelyn Stark gets a defense.


This post will be spoilery for the first three seasons of HBO’s Game of Thrones. If you’re not up on the series WHY NOT? Go watch it, then come back. I’ll wait.

Now that they’re gone, let’s get started.

In general, people who read the books or watch the show seem to like and appreciate the Starks. Even the flawed ones. It is typical for everyone to love Arya, to like Ned (but regret his code of honor), to be okay with Robb (but wish he’d have not been so … Robb), etc.

But often people complain about Lady Catelyn Stark and her (arguably) rash decisions. I’m on board with some of that.