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This post (and the four to come after, sorry) will be discussing not only HBO’s Game of Thrones, but the book series that it’s based on. If you’re not up on the show, or are holding off reading A Song of Ice and Fire (until all the books are completed in the 22nd century) then maybe this series of essays isn’t for you.

I mean, I can’t promise that this series of essays is really for you even if you are up-to-date. I’ll probably say some dumb stuff.

Jon says dumb stuff too, according to Everyone.

The Puppies That Were Promised

In the pilot episode of Game of Thrones, immediately following an exercise in Northern justice, direwolf pups are found – one for each of the children of Ned and Catelyn Stark (and one for Jon Snow.)

“Lord Stark,” Jon said. It was strange to hear him call Father that, so formal. Bran looked at him with desperate hope. “There are five pups,” he told Father. “Three male, two female.”
“What of it, Jon?”
“You have five trueborn children,” Jon said. “Three sons, two daughters. The direwolf is the sigil of your House. Your children were meant to have theseĀ pups, my lord.”
A Game of Thrones, Bran I



The audio for panels presented at Con of Thrones 2018 is being released to presenters! Since I was on six of them, it seems reasonable for me to share at least some of them here on my blog.

From left to right: Matt, Ian, Percy, and this guy with an enormous forehead.

On Saturday at the convention, at 10 a.m., I was joined by Professor Priscilla “Percy” Walton, writer Ian Thomas Malone, and /r/asoiaf subreddit moderator Matt (aka Joe Magician) to discuss morality, or as Percy Walton described it – coded ethics – in the relatively uncivilized lands North of the Wall.

It was an honor to present a panel with such learned and thoughtful people.


It’s April 1st, so of course anything you read on the Internet is going to be bogus. It remains to be seen how bogus this post will be. (I solemnly swear I am up to no good. No, that’s not right. This post will be legit.)

Although I mostly crank out weekly (usually weekly) posts about Game of Thrones for my blog, I occasionally contribute a geeky post to the Comparative Geeks website, run by the wonderful Holly and Dave. The two of them have a squad of regular contributors, but earlier this year Dave asked me if I had anything I’d be interested in sharing with the CompGeeks site. As it turned out, I did.


It’ll be a long wait until Season 6 of Game of Thrones starts up again…


The season’s over already? I hope this doesn’t have a negative effect on my loyal and obedient comrades…

So my watching of Game of Thrones has ended (for this year) but the resumption of my Game of Thrones blogging has just begun.


Fans of the A Song of Ice and Fire book series had beenĀ approaching this current season of HBO’s adaptation Game of Thrones with at least some apprehension.

The show was running out of books to adapt.


The season already has had characters following the road not traveled in the books, and for the storylines that are being faithfully adapted, by the time the season concludes its tenth episode, most if not all of those stories will have gotten to the end of the published materials (I assume.) Season Six will be setting off into unknown territory unless George RR Martin gets the next book out.


This post will be discussing some of the major plot points of HBO’s excellent series Game of Thrones, a solid adaptation of George RR Martin’s unfinished book series A Song of Ice and Fire. If you’re not caught up, don’t be reading this! Go read those books, or watch the show. You’ll thank me. Or not.


When Someone Asks GRRM When the Next Book will be Out, He Kills a Stark

George RR Martin, the author of the A Song of Ice and Fire series which is the blueprint for HBO’s adaptation Game of Thrones, has been described as a serial killer of fictional characters. It’s also been said that he survives solely on the tears of Game of Thrones fans (according to some meme I tripped over, researching for this article.)

Those statements are probably not 100% correct. I think he probably supplements his diet of tears with liberal helpings of lemoncakes as well, but I’ll concede the point. Certainly, there are two demographics that GRRM doesn’t mind messing with, and those would be his characters and his audience.


George RR Martin’s next installment in the A Song of Ice and Fire saga, The Winds of Winter, won’t be out this year. Maybe it’ll be out next year. Maybe.

In the meantime, I felt the need to read some compelling fantasy that would be similar in many ways.


There are tons of great fantasy books available and there is no end of lists of suggested reading while waiting for the next GRRM epic. Although I should be reading something new, I had a yen to re-read something something great, that I knew would hit the spot.

It was high time to re-read Roger Zelazny’s Amber Chronicles.