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This is the third post in a five-post series on the direwolves in HBO’s Game of Thrones (with corresponding plot details from the books of A Song of Ice and Fire.) You can get more details from my initial post – basically I’m discussing the Stark direwolves with a speculative eye on what might be happening in the remaining episodes and unpublished books. (And I might be defending some decisions that the showrunners have made.)

Them good doggos.

The last post was about Lady and Greywind, the two direwolves whose stories are faithfully recorded in the books and show. This post will be about Shaggydog and Summer, the wolves that belong to Catelyn Stark’s youngest sons Rickon and Bran.


Who owns the North? The Umbers do, or so they allege.

It’s a Lease-to-Own arrangement!

This post will be talking in general about House Umber, one of the great northern houses in HBO’s Game of Thrones, and specifically about their large and hairy leader, the Smalljon.

He’s been quite a rascal. But I kind of get where he’s coming from.