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It’s Halloween and why not have a post about shambling, walking corpses that feed on the living? Or angry, adrenaline’d infected that attack the healthy? Or things that kind of fall into that category of scary? Zombies and quasi-Zombies.


Recently on Facebook, one of my friends commented that they were so bored with zombies, that zombies weren’t interesting. I understand there’s a certain amount of Zombie Saturation Syndrome going on right now, but I think stories featuring elements of the relentless, indefatigable, cannibalistic undead aren’t necessarily played out.

And since I enjoy talking about zombies, I thought I’d put finger to keyboard and do just that.


This is the second part of my extended World War Z review, first seen back in July on my Facebook feed.

I have a few more movie reviews to be brought over in this fashion, thank you for your indulgence.


Even More of a Review for World War Z, by Pat Sponaugle (again, that’s me.)

I realized that I hadn’t really covered some of the SPOILERY topics of the movie that I kind of touched on. So I’ll do it here. Oh, and just to be warned, I’m going to be talking about I AM LEGEND, the book and the movie. I have my reasons.

Read at your own risk because I danced around topics in my previous review. Rather than dancing with the topics, I’m going to smooch them. Gross!


World War Z (Part One)

Posted: August 28, 2013 by patricksponaugle in Movie Review
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Over the summer, my wife and daughter went up to Hershey Park (an amusement park in the state of Pennsylvania) to see One Direction in concert. So what does that have to do with zombies?

Well, it freed me up to go see an action movie about zombies: World War Z. I enjoyed the movie, so much that I wrote a review on Facebook (since I didn’t have this blog at the time.) It was a pretty long review, plus observations on book to movie adaptations and Richard Matheson’s excellent vampire novel I Am Legend. The review was so long, it took me two nights (and two Facebook postings) to cover WWZ.

Below is my original WWZ review from July 5th, 2013, part one. (And here isĀ Part two.)

(In the future, I hope my review/recaps/observations will be better organized. But don’t hold your breath.)


World War Z Review, by Pat Sponaugle (that would be me.)

I’ll point out that I have no reasonable credentials as a movie reviewer, except that I actually saw the movie.

I’m going to ramble a bit and be non-spoilery, then I will talk about the book that the movie’s name comes from, and then I will actually bring up some spoilery bits about the movie. Be warned. I’ll give a heads up when I get to those parts.

By the way, if a zombie outbreak ever happens, I’d want it to be the movie WWZ type of outbreak, and not a Walking Dead kind of outbreak. If either happened, you’d all be welcomed to the Sponaugle Fortress of Solitude in West Virginia. That’s right, I invited you all.