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This post will be touching on the first three seasons of HBO’s excellent series Game of Thrones. If you’re not caught up on the story, be forewarned that I’ll be dropping plot spoilers for the TV show.


Bring Me a Puppy! A King Has a Schedule to Keep!

There isn’t a lot of good things that can be said about the eldest son of Queen Cersei…

  • Executing Ned Stark? Bad move.
  • Torturing Sansa with severed heads, having her publicly humiliated? Extremely ungentlemanly.
  • Killing Ros? There’s nothing that I can say that would adequately express my horror and disgust.

But, and as odd as it sounds, I’m not here to condemn Joffrey Baratheon (although he is worthy of condemnation.) I’m here to defend the one time he was solidly, entirely right. And as a bonus (or the opposite of bonus) I’ll try to cast some reasonable doubt on some of the atrocities attributed to him.

Even the Mad King 2.0 can be surprisingly correct on occasion.


It’s that wonderful holiday season, and it’s not only Good King Wenceslas who’s in the seasonal mood. Over at the Joffrey of Podcasts podcast, the esteemed Lannister-Loving (Double El) hosts produced an excellent version of the Twelve Days of Christmas, celebrating King Joffrey’s interests, hobbies, and circumstances.

JoffBubba and Catfish were cool enough to let me post the lyrics here. By memory. Hopefully I won’t mess it up, for my sake.