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This is the fifth part in a series talking about the wee crow Olly, from Game of Thrones. These posts have been discussing why people don’t like Olly (and why I’m not really on board with the Olly Hate.) Should you want to read my Team Olly¬†series from the beginning, go here.

If you aren’t caught up on the show, this post really won’t be all the relevant to you, and I’d hate to spoil some of the major things that happen in Olly’s storyline should you happen to start watching. (You should be caught up though. Game of Thrones is an excellent television show.)


Don’t spoil me! I’m only up to Season 4 Episode 9, when no one was hating on me yet!

Disclaimer: even though I usually focus entirely on show-details for my blog, because Olly wasn’t a canon character from the books, I felt the need to at least contrast the events in the books with the show’s adaptation. If you’re a show watcher and not a book reader and you plan on reading the books one day, I understand your reluctance to keep reading my work here. But I feel pretty confident that nothing I say in my defense of Olly¬†will be so spoilery that it lessens your enjoyment of the books.