And Now My (Season Four) Watch Begins…

Posted: April 4, 2014 by patricksponaugle in Game of Thrones, Writing
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Or it will in a few days, on Sunday April 6th. Season Four Game of Thrones!


Wanted to thank everyone who visited my blog and checked out my various Game of Thrones related posts. (Collections found here and here.)

I’m relieved that the season is about to start up, not only because I want to enjoy another ten hours of A Song of Ice and Fire adaptation, but I can ease off on writing about the show.

During Season Four, I won’t be posting any of my weekly Game of Thrones articles. I’ll be too busy:

  • watching YouTube reactions
  • reading recaps
  • listening to Game of Thrones podcasts

Starting in July, I’ll try to put out two posts a month related to Game of Thrones, and in 2015 I’ll repeat my challenge from this year and crank out a GoT post every week until Season Five starts up. Unless my math is way off, that’ll be 24 articles; coincidentally I have a list of 24 topics ready – it’s hard not to start working on them right now.

Best regards, and I hope everyone enjoys the upcoming season.

Photo courtesy of the greatest father in the Universe. There’s no need to debate this.

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  1. bmwall1991 says:

    Been reading through your blog, some great GoT posts! I know you have said you won’t be posting about it, but I really would like to know your thoughts on the first episode! I thought it was completely brilliant. The last scene with Arya and the Hound was amazing. I’m starting to prefer their relationship on screen to their one in the books! What did you think?


    • Hey, I’m glad to comment, thanks for asking. I thought the Season Four premiere was great. Really solid.

      It was secretly crammed with exposition, but it was done so organically, it wasn’t so noticeable.

      Yeah, Arya + Hound is just the best. I appreciate your statement on preferring the screen presentation to the text. They’re both great in those roles.

      I’m also glad that Jon Snow can finally speak his mind, since he had to be pretty understated last year while traveling with the Wildlings. I dug him busting on Janos “We Got Your Back, Lord Stark. Or Do We?” Slynt.

      Speaking of Wildlings, I’m glad the Thenns are being presented so… scary. We needed to up the danger level that the Wildlings in general presented.

      Hey, thanks again for commenting and reading my posts. It’s much appreciated, friend.


      • bmwall1991 says:

        Ah yes, I did think the scene with Jon and Janos was brilliant. I am especially looking forward to a certain scene between them that I think is going to be in this season, if not then hopefully the next one. A nice bit of Stark justice.

        I agree with what you said about the Thenns too. Aside from the giants, I thought that the wildings were shown to be a bit too rag tag. It’s nice to see theyre showing us the darker side of what its like living north of the wall.

        I think the next episode is Joffrey’s wedding which, from looking at the previews, will hopefully turn out to be one of the best episodes yet. I’ll be looking forward to hearing what you have to say about this season!


        • Thumbs up! I’m sorry I won’t be putting out much content during the season, I’ll be visiting forums and posting on other people’s sites. I’m following you, so I’ll swing by your blog as well and make some noise. (Respectful noise.)


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