HBO’s excellent adaptation of George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones, resumes at the end of March. I am very much looking forward to Season Four.


I occasionally write a Games of Thrones blog post (let’s just call it therapy) and in anticipation of the new season, I’m planning on posting a GoT post every Wednesday until the new season starts. Then I’ll sit back and read the plethora of recaps and reactions, watch YouTube reaction videos, and fret about when Book Six will be published.

Here are the Game of Thrones-centric posts I wrote last year (I had an urge to package them up.)

The Good

The Bad

The Ugly

Song of Ice

Song of Fire

Yes, I had a lot to say about my buddy, Jon Snow.

Coming up on Wednesdays, I have a few more Starks to defend (or at least talk about), and there’ll be some talk on magic, religion, and FASHION. (I’m as shocked as you are.)

Most of this will still be based on the first three seasons, but I might have a book-centric spoilery no-holds-barred blog post. Anything I post on this blog will be absolutely safe, I’ll have a gateway page on this blog with links to my double-secret probation spoilery blog where I can have extremely long rambles about Legitimacy of Power in Westeros, or Unconventional Warfare and the Worst Perpetrator in Game of Thrones. Stuff like that. (Don’t believe me, check out the links on my Stannis blog.)

New post, next Wednesday.


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  1. Randy Rohrer says:

    I’m outraged…. outraged I tell you. Why in the Sam Hill have you categorized Craster as The Ugly. Craster is one fine, caring, and loving man of integrity. He certainly deserves to be thought of as The Good. … Outraged…. outraged I tell you.


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