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HBO’s excellent adaptation of George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones, resumes at the end of March. I am very much looking forward to Season Four.


I occasionally write a Games of Thrones blog post (let’s just call it therapy) and in anticipation of the new season, I’m planning on posting a GoT post every Wednesday until the new season starts. Then I’ll sit back and read the plethora of recaps and reactions, watch YouTube reaction videos, and fret about when Book Six will be published.

HereĀ areĀ the Game of Thrones-centric posts I wrote last year (I had an urge to package them up.)


Relax Larry. I’m not literally defending tempestuous incestuous polygynist child sacrificing wildling playboy Craster. But his relationship with the Night’s Watch has some interesting implications.

This post deals with plot points from the first three seasons of HBO’s Game of Thrones. So there will be some spoilers. I won’t be spoiling anything from future plots in the books, and I’d appreciate that spirit be observed in any comments. (I do hope people leave comments!)


I Have No Need of Defending, Southern-Boy! I be a Godly Man!

So why “defense” of Craster? I’ve realized that many of my Game of Thrones commentary posts are in reaction to my buddy Bob’s complaints when watching the show (he hasn’t read the books.)