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This post will be talking about Game of Thrones, and therefore could contain potential spoilers. But the content will probably not spoil anything. But don’t trust me. I’m just a guy on the Internet.


The finale is happening so soon? I haven’t even inquired into where whores go!

Sunday night, HBO will air the final episode of the sixth year of Game of Thrones, titled the Winds of Winter. The Starks have been talking about Winter Coming for so long, they might finally be right.


HBO recently released an amazing trailer for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. I’ve seen some analyses of the trailer, and I really wanted to do my own. So now I will.


That Trailer Is Amazing!!!!

I’ve also been wanting to talk about the upcoming season in the context of the books (since I’ve read them all.)

So on this post, I will describe the trailer ENTIRELY SPOILER FREE. I’ll just describe what I see.

(To be clear, when I say SPOILER FREE, I mean in regards to upcoming plots. I assume that if you are watching the trailer and reading my analysis, you’re caught up with the show.)