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HBO recently released an amazing trailer for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. I’ve seen some analyses of the trailer, and I really wanted to do my own. So now I will.


That Trailer Is Amazing!!!!

I’ve also been wanting to talk about the upcoming season in the context of the books (since I’ve read them all.)

So on this post, I will describe the trailer ENTIRELY SPOILER FREE. I’ll just describe what I see.

(To be clear, when I say SPOILER FREE, I mean in regards to upcoming plots. I assume that if you are watching the trailer and reading my analysis, you’re caught up with the show.)

I’ll also have the same analysis on a different blog, one that’s not searchable and where I usually store backup features of spoiler material and other supplementary materials. But on that post, I will describe what I see in context of the books (books three, four, and five) so it is going to be spoilery for non-book readers.

If you want to read my SUPER SPOILERY informed-by-the-books analysis, click HERE.

As a special bonus for Book Readers (ideally people who have read all five books) I’ve decided to make big crackpot predictions for the entire series. I expect to be wrong, I expect to be mocked when Book Seven comes out. It’s all good. This is just for fun. I mean, I’m trying to make serious predictions, but as we all know from Book One, GRRM is unpredictable.

If you want to read my SPOILERY (in that I talk about the existing book plot points) predictions for the future, click HERE.


Feel free to check out the trailer below. Then I’ll start my talk. Once again, this will not be spoilery. (I hope.)

Dragons over King’s Landing


The beginning of the trailer starts with the shadow of a dragon passing over what appears to be King’s Landing, the capital city of the Seven Kingdoms. As a reminder, Daenerys ended Season Three conquering the city of Yunkai, across the narrow sea. Her dragons were roughly the size of mid-sized dogs.

Joffrey and a Celebration


The young king of the Seven Kingdoms, Joffrey Baratheon is seen at an outdoor celebration. This transitions into a scene talking to his uncle Jaime Lannister (and his father, Jaime Lannister) at 0:07. The scene cuts away from the two Lannisters but cuts back at 0:17. Joffrey had been explaining how he had won the war, and Jaime counsels him not to hang Mission Accomplished banners any time soon.

White Flag


As Joffrey talks about winning the war, at 0:11, there’s a rider bearing a flag of truce, riding across a field littered with corpses.



Also in between the scene of Joffrey and Jaime, at 0:14 Daenerys and her entourage watch a lancer approaching in a warlike fashion, apparently riding towards a man on foot.

City of Stone


At 0:19, we see a brief sequence of torch carrying people rushing along stone corridors.



At 0:21 We see Stannis’ host, with Melisandre, around three large fires. Three large fires with long central poles. I doubt it’s just a clam bake.


Stannis and Ser Davos are looking very grim at 0:27.

Armies Meeting


At 0:25, we see two armies meeting in silhouette. At least one of the banners on the right has the Flayed Man sigil. Boo hiss.

This sequence has Ser Jorah counseling Daenerys that good and evil exist on both sides of any war. As he speaks, we see a man attacked by a mob. On a wall are the words Kill the Masters.

Throne Room


We see Dany holding court in a large stone chamber at 0:32. She’s looking pretty in-charge. She has her usual crew, Ser Jorah, Ser Barristan Selmy, and Missandei with her. Unsullied guard the room.

Dany is seen explaining to Ser Jorah that “they” have a choice. To live in her new world, or die in their old one. As she speaks, we see Lannisters: Cersei, Tywin, and Jaime. Jaime is testing the balance of a sword with his left hand.

The Imp in Chains

At 0:40, Tyrion Lannister is being led by Goldcloaks through a chamber, with his wrist in shackles. Just what has he gotten himself into?

th (1)

I hate seeing the Imp in trouble.

The New Guy


At 0:45, Chilean actor Pedro Pascal makes his debut this season as a new character from the books. We hear him speak a bit later in the trailer and see him doing some fancy action with a spear. In this brief shot, he and Varys are hanging out in the throne room… where all of the most excellent Varys dialogues happen.

Wildling Battlefield


At 0:46, someone is getting their throat slit.

The trailer immediately flows into the middle of a battle and I don’t know if the two scenes are related.

We also see some giants among the combatants.


There’s a brief shot of Ygritte, rangers riding down the icy tunnel under the Wall, Jon warning his black-wearing brothers, and a large humanoid rushing a gate.

Ygritte, we remember, was south of the Wall with Tormund’s all-human commando team, planning to attack Castle Black for Mance Rayder who is coming with his army north of the Wall.

Vikings. I mean, the Ironborn.


At 0:52, we see Yara (ASHA!) Greyjoy being rowed inland. We remember that last season, Yara was unwilling to abandon Theon to the mercies of Ramsay Snow, Roose Bolton’s mad bastard son.

Littlefinger’s voice narrates the question “what do we do to those who hurt the ones we love.” We see Cersei crying.


We see Jaime being fitted with a golden hand.

Craster’s Keep. Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss.


At 0:57 we see Rast, the bullying crappy Night’s Watch mutineer and stabber of Jeor Mormont laying a baby out in the snow. Behind him looks to be some roofs, so I’m saying that’s Craster’s Keep.

The music in the trailer features the words “leave them to die.”


We finally start seeing Starks (not counting Jon Snow who we saw seconds earlier.)


Arya practicing some moves with a slim rapier at 0:59


Bran touching a Weirwood tree at 1:02. We remember that Bran, Hodor, Meera, and Jojen are traveling north, against Sam Tarly’s advice.

New Guy Again!


At 1:05 we hear the new guy speak. Yay! And a brief moment of him fighting a huge dude. Someone of mountainous size.

A Ceremony


At 1:11 we see Joffrey and Margaery at the beautiful Sept of Baelor. We remember that Joffrey and Renly’s ex-wife were engaged last season. The shot is followed with Cersei complaining to Tywin, Jaime closing a large book and showing that he still has the romantic moves with his lovely sister. Ick.

Wildling Warfare


At 1:19 we see the Night’s Watch gathered, we see Tormund’s men running into battle, and we hear and then see Ser Alliser Thorne readying the men to fight.


At 1:25, Melisandre is talking to someone.


She is saying that there is only one hell, the one we live in now. There’s some fast cuts before we see her: we see the outdoor celebration at the capital, we see Dany, we see Theon Greyjoy!

Snow (the wrong kind)


At 1:27 we see a superfast shot of Ramsay Snow having rough play with one of the girls who tortured Theon with pre-castration action. I can’t forget that scary smile.

Sansa and Snow


At 1:28 we see a hooded Sansa in a snowy courtyard.

Arya et al!

At 1:29, we see the other Stark sister, wielding a sword. The Hound is clobbering a dude.


There’s Jon Snow! Complete with Orell-eagle-inflicted facial scars.


There’s Dany and her adoring fans. Clearly she’s popular.



Tyrion is featured near the end of the trailer, looking a bit haggard and sounding a bit pessimistic in regards to justice being nearby.

The Final Cut


Troops are riding down some dudes in the woods. Don’t know who they are? You should check out my handy guide on how to identify the armed forces of Westeros. Unless you really don’t want to be spoiled. That’s cool.

That trailer was excellent, and I’m very excited that Season Four is nearly here. (I really hope this analysis was spoiler neutral. Let me know. I can always edit it.)

Image from HBO’s Game of Thrones.

I make no claim to the artwork, but some claims to the text here, so there.

© Patrick Sponaugle 2014 Some Rights Reserved

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