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Part Two of my Enter the Dragon review, originally posted on Facebook in July. This is the post-recap discussion where I talk, for perhaps too long, about my reactions to the movie.


ENTER THE DRAGON Review, by Pat Sponaugle (that would be moi)

(PART TWO – In PART ONE, I basically wrote a (long) recap of the 1973 martial arts movie with a few observations and several promises of “I’ll Talk More About This Later.” Well,┬ánow it’s later.)

Okay, I owe the Internet some thoughts on Enter the Dragon as a movie, now that I’ve recapped it. I’ve already enthusiastically urged everyone to see it, so if I begin to criticize the movie, it’s from a position of crazy unconditional co-dependent Love.



Once again, I’m pulling over a movie review that I made in Facebook this July.

My wife and daughter had gone up to Boston for a few days. This gave me a chance to watch a quality action movie, and I was moved to post observations. Like World War Z, it took two postings over two nights, below is the (mostly) unedited review from Facebook.