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I promise there will be no spoilers for the Gareth Edwards’ movie Godzilla, out in theaters.


No Spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, my daughter and I caught a showing of Godzilla, directed by Gareth Edwards.

My girl surprised me by wanting to see the movie, and I’m certainly not going to let the opportunity to see a Sci Fi genre flick pass by. Afterwards, I asked her if I should write a blog post about it.

Me: Hey, should I write a blog post on the movie?

Her: Sure.

Me: What should my angle be?

Her: Just talk about the plot, but no spoilers.

I guess I could do that… but I’m not going to. I think I’m still trying to sort out my opinion on the movie, and I think if I start talking too much about it, it’ll just end up being me bashing on Roland Emmerich’s Godzilla movie (and then defending it like this.)

Instead I’ll talk about the greatest Godzilla movie ever made (as adjudicated by Pat Sponaugle, self-appointed expert on Kaiju movies) 1991’s excellent Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah.