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Recently, a friend of mine, John, sent me a note letting me know that he was going to be releasing in the very near future (on March 1st) a 40 page pdf, for free. And not 40 pages of grocery lists or whatever, but an adventure module for his tabletop role-playing-game, Risus.


My buddy John is otherwise known as S. John Ross of Cumberland Games and Diversions. And he’s an awesome human being. Possibly completely constructed of sea foam, moon beams, and that wonderful glaze on the doughnut you managed to grab before Pam from Accounting got her mitts on it. You know what I’m talking about.



Recently, I was digging around in the basement of my house (I have my reasons…) and I came across a bunch of old boxes that probably haven’t been opened since before I moved in to my house in Ye Olde Twentieth Centuree.

They were filled with tons of old boardgames, and some old and quaint role-playing games.

This is the benefit of Basement Archaeology, when the strata of storage and forgotten things are dug into, often some ancient treasure (ancient being a relative term) gets uncovered. This time, I uncovered my adventure pack for Thieves’ World.


Comparative Geeks

People play different games and they play for different reasons. Sometimes simply because they’re competitively-natured, sometimes it’s just to kill some time, sometimes to be entertained, and sometimes to be social. (These aren’t mutually exclusive reasons.)

Recently, my wife and I were over for dinner with friends, and we decided to play a game of Munchkin Cthulhu.

Our friends’ names are Chooch and Viv; I’m telling you this to make this anecdote flow. Allegedly.

At least one of those names is definitely a nickname. That would be Viv. Chooch might be a nickname. He looks like a Viking, so let’s just roll with this, shall we?

Everyone here knows how to play the basic set of Munchkin, right? If not, for a full introduction please check out Wil Wheaton’s YouTube episode of TableTop, where Wil plays the game with the lovely Felicia Day, the lovely Sandeep Parikh, and…

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