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Way late to the party, my wife and I just finished watching an excellent season of television. The Second Season of Breaking Bad.


Just like my last series of posts covering Season One Breaking Bad, this series is going to contain spoilery details for Season Two. If you haven’t watched the show but for some reason you want to read my blog, do yourself a favor, go to Netflix right now, and get caught up.

I have not seen any later seasons of Breaking Bad (although I do know some details… just getting GIFs and JPEGs for these posts is fraught with peril) so please don’t reveal any future plot points or spoilers should you choose to comment. Please.


Two posts ago I explained that my wife and I had just started watching Breaking Bad, and we’d recently finished Season One. I gave a quick recap of the season. In the following post, I talked about Walter White and his family. And Jesse, yo. Now I’d like to cover a series of topics in this final installment of my Breaking Bad Season One observations.

And then I can start working on my Breaking Bad Season Two observations.




Last post, I explained that my wife and I had just started watching Breaking Bad, and we’d recently finished Season One. I gave a quick recap of the season, and now I’d like to talk more in-depth about the major characters.


Seriously, I’m embarrassed to have never watched this show when it was being broadcast. What can I say? My wife Lisa and I are sometimes behind the times when it comes to watching great television.

But at least we are now getting caught up on what has been advertised to me as one of the greatest television shows of all time: Breaking Bad.


I’ve had a plethora of friends giving me grief for not watching it, so… this month we started watching, we’ve finished Season One, and I can now express BrBa observations and feel part of the Breaking Bad community. And feel totally late to the party.

I’m going to spoil Season One during this post and because I haven’t been living under a rock, I’ve heard about some things that happen in the following seasons. People have been pretty responsible and I’ve not been heavily spoiled, but I know some details of future events. I might be mistaken about what I think I know, please don’t correct me.


Starting Breaking Bad

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Pantsless Walter White, Discarded Respirator, and Phosgene Gas from the RV. An amazing and compelling introduction to the show.

Yes, it’s 2013, and Breaking Bad started in 2008, but my wife and I are finally starting to watch this acclaimed television show.

I won’t say much about it right this moment, we’re only 4 episodes in, but I’ll write a recap and express some thoughts once we get past the first season.

It’s a show my wife and I had been wanting to watch, largely because of the insane attention being brought on the show as the second half of the season was about to air. There were a lot of my social media friends really wanting me to get caught up and see the final episodes of the show live, but it wasn’t going to happen (for reasons I’ll touch on during my season one recap… whenever we finish the season.)

I do know some things about the show, which is too bad in some ways, but it’s the way it is. I’m trying to avoid spoilers as much as I can, not that I’ll be offended, but it’ll give me a chance to really be wrong as I make stupid predictions or totally misread someone’s character. We’ll see how that goes.

The episodes we’ve seen have been great, but they’ve been pretty rough. I don’t mean rough as in unpolished, but hard in some ways to get through, personally. I’ll explain more later.

The image of Bryan Cranston is obviously from AMC’s Breaking Bad.

I make no claim to any of the artwork obviously, but I do make some claim to the text of this posting. So there.

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