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Last post, I explained that my wife and I had just finished Season Two of AMC’s excellent series Breaking Bad. That post was a recap. This post will be observations. Hopefully it won’t go on too long.


Just What Kind of Critter is This Thing?


Way late to the party, my wife and I just finished watching an excellent season of television. The Second Season of Breaking Bad.


Just like my last series of posts covering Season One Breaking Bad, this series is going to contain spoilery details for Season Two. If you haven’t watched the show but for some reason you want to read my blog, do yourself a favor, go to Netflix right now, and get caught up.

I have not seen any later seasons of Breaking Bad (although I do know some details… just getting GIFs and JPEGs for these posts is fraught with peril) so please don’t reveal any future plot points or spoilers should you choose to comment. Please.