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For Christmas, I put on my wishlist the soundtrack for Hamilton, the hip-hop musical about the first Secretary of the Treasury in U.S. history. He happens to be on the $10 bill.

And if ya don’t know, now ya know.



Lisa (my wife) and I have a friend named Heather who is very talented. She can dance, she can sing. She acts. Heather’s cool.

Back in 2011 (don’t hold me to that year, but I’m pretty sure) Heather told us some exciting news. She had a part in a local production of a musical we might be interested in seeing.

Evil Dead the Musical.


Back in my college days, my days of misspent youth where I could have studied more and partied more and thus enriched my life, I almost saw the Ramones play.


I kind of heard them play. I was definitely in the auditorium where they were performing. I was probably no further than 20 feet from them for about an hour. But I can’t say that I saw them play.

Let me explain.



This weekend, I took the family to see Once Upon a Mattress, being performed at the Bowie Playhouse.

Bowie Playhouse? Fine. Here’s the address.

16500 White Marsh Park Drive
Bowie, MD 20715

You should go see it. IT’S ONLY BEING PERFORMED THROUGH SEPTEMBER 26TH!!! (This might make it difficult for the international community who reads my blog to get tickets and make travel arrangements in time. That’s my bad for not seeing the musical earlier.)


Last night, my wife, daughter, and I attended a House Concert in lovely Columbia, Maryland. We were fortunate enough to hear the talented Sarah Donner perform.


I have a legitimate reason for showing this adorable 1-week old kitten. You’ll just have to wait for the explanation.

(For those of you wondering why I have cannibalism in the title of the post, feel free to educate yourself on the Donner Party.)

Sarah is an entertaining musician and renowned cat lady (she once had an Ask the Cat Lady advice vlog where people would send her questions and she would answer them in the form of a song. For an example, you should check out her Can My Pregnant Cat Have Catnip? video.)