Tired: King Stannis. Wired: King Bran

Posted: January 9, 2020 by patricksponaugle in Game of Thrones, Opinion, TV
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While Game of Thrones was on the air, I was fortunate enough to write about the show over on the excellent show-centric website Watchers on the Wall. But, even though the show has concluded, there are still books due to be published. Over on the WotW site, I have a new feature that largely involves book speculation. Sort of.

In the post, I speculate that Bran Stark’s book storyline might act as a reference to the failed ambitions of his grace, King Stannis Baratheon.

Believe it or not, I assert that Stannis and Bran have so much in common, Stannis is basically a character foil for Bran, and young Brandon Stark will succeed precisely because Stannis failed. Don’t believe me? You only need to read this post, and you’ll be convinced!

Stannis Baratheon: the Prototype for King Bran Stark

Or maybe not. You won’t know until you read it.

Full disclosure, it relies more on book knowledge, even though show elements are referenced, so bear that in mind if you’re not a book reader.

Agree? Tell me. Disagree? That is also welcome news. I appreciate anyone for reading my Game of Thrones content, either here or on the Watchers site.

(Comments are always welcome. Super welcome! But if you want to talk spoilery Game of Thrones talk with me (also welcome) I’d invite you to visit my Safe Spoilers page on my backup blog. That way my non-book-reading friends won’t be shocked with foreknowledge.)

Image from HBO’s Game of Thrones (obviously.) 

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