January 2015 #MicroStory Collection

Posted: February 1, 2015 by patricksponaugle in Flash Fiction, Writing
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It’s February so I went through my social media feeds and grabbed all the MicroStories I’d tweeted during the month of January. (I was kind of lazy last month on Flash Fiction output.)


As a reminder, these represent story-essences composed using no more than 129 characters (so I could tweet them with the hashtag #MicroStory.)

Usually, I only tweet Science Fiction and Fantasy #MicroStories. December was pretty much no exception.

For really great #MicroStory action, please follow @MicroSFF, the Twitter account that inspired me to participate in this minimalist writing exercise. That feed puts out great science fiction and fantasy MicroStories all the time.

(I want to make it clear that @MicroSFF is *not* a Twitter account of mine. Their flash-fiction tweets are excellent. Mine are okay.)

“Are you hungry?”
I didn’t know, so I checked my app.

Thanks to the loose grammar of the Shebb language, the poem Fasfa (the eponymous dragon) was either an epic or a farce.

With no rules for nouns, subjects, or verbs, the poem’s hero might have killed the dragon OR the queen. Or been killed by either

The colonists were willing to use the old, crumbling cities for shelter & didn’t understand why the indigenous nomads were not.

Terrified, the Dream turned to regard the cat on the bed.
The cat could see it.
If the cat woke its human, the Dream would die.

Crops were good, the border was secure, and the villagers enjoyed all sorts of artistic pursuits.
Then the wizard fell ill.

The villagers opted to build an arcane-looking tower on the overlooking hill, like a scarecrow for superstitious bandits.

The baby’s crying, but I don’t know why. All the sensors are green…
– Maybe he’s lonely?
Maybe. But there’s no app for that.


Image is intellectual property of my wife, Lisa, who took that picture of our pug Chi Chi and puggle Peanut. So, don’t steal it? Or you’ll have to deal with my wife? (I am fine actually if the picture is re-used for non-commercial use.) Maybe *I* should tell her I’m using her picture…

© Patrick Sponaugle 2015 Some Rights Reserved

  1. shail says:

    The one about Dream regarding the cat? That’s the one I liked best.


  2. sb2711 says:

    Chichi Peanuts…The adorable Duo! 😀 Great post Patrick!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sue Archer says:

    “An epic or a farce” – yes! I also second on the Dream and the cat. And the moral of the story is, don’t live with cats. 🙂 Thanks, Pat!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, Sue. If only I had learned that lesson three cats and two dogs ago.

      And I’m glad you liked my MicroStory about how important nouns and verbs and direct objects are. If I ever write a fantasy novel, I want to have a group that’s casual about such rules.

      Liked by 1 person

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