What’s in My Search Archive? (Year 1)

Posted: September 9, 2014 by patricksponaugle in Blogging, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones
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I recently celebrated my first year of blogging, and had a post identifying top 10 posts for my bloggoversary. During the year, one of the blogs I follow had a post with weird search terms that had hit on her blog.

I loved reading that post, and it made me occasionally eyeball what search-strings are intersecting with my content.


Since my blog is predominantly Game of Thrones related, the searches that I could see* were almost all Game of Thrones-related.

But there were a fair amount of Breaking Bad-related hits. Fair enough. I have done long recaps and observations on all 5 seasons of BrBa.

Sadly, I didn’t have as many as I’d hoped-for stand-out weird searches that had made a hit on my blog postings, but there were themes and frequently asked questions that I think are pretty cool to look at. And so I shall.

Warning: there will be some spoilers for Game of Thrones below, so if you’re behind on your GoT watching:

  1. You disappoint me greatly; the show is great and you should be watching!
  2. You should stop reading now unless you don’t mind spoilers.


People seemed to be desperate to know these details, based on the frequency and variation  below:

  • how many seasons of breaking bad
  • how many seasons of breaking bad are there
  • how many episodes in breaking bad season 5
  • how many seasons are there of breaking bad
  • how many seasons of breaking bad is there
  • breaking bad how many seasons
  • does breaking bad have part one and part for season five
  • part 2 of season 8 of breaking bad
  • how many seasons is breaking bad
  • breaking bad ,how many episodes
  • what season does breaking bad end on
  • how many episodes of breaking bad
  • how many episodes in the las season of breaking bad
  • how many seasons breaking bad so far
  • how many seasons does breaking bad have
  • how many seasons of breaking bad were made?
  • how many seasons were in breaking bad
  • how many seasons are in breaking bad
  • brrakinbad

There were not 8 seasons of Breaking Bad, by the way.

The consensus is, there were 5 seasons, with season 5 having 16 episodes, with a loooong separation between episode 8 and episode 9. Some people call the second half of Season 5 “Season 6”. I’m not going to argue with them.

I think there were (approximately) 62 episodes of Breaking Bad in total.


Approximately? APPROXIMATELY? Amateur!

There was also a lot of search strings in the form of “what happened at the end of Breaking Bad?” questions. I’m not answering those here.

Just watch the show, yo.


Stannis Baratheon was well represented as a target of searches, which might explain why he was the subject of my most popular blog posting. There weren’t a lot of questions per se, but I have them loaded down at the bottom of the list with my answers.

  • stannis baratheon
  • why i support stannis
  • i love stannis baratheon
  • why stannis is awesome
  • stannis the mannis
  • stannis is awesome
  • stannis baratheon daughter
  • stannis baratheon ending
  • stanmis cant be king
  • stannis baratheon hardcore
  • stannis baratheon filler character
  • stannis awesome
  • stannis baratheon better brother
  • stannis wrong look not right game of thrones
  • stannis barathean sotry
  • what supernatural power does stannis have at his disposal
  • what supernatural power does stannis have at his disposal?
  • why stannis looks so older in season 3 and 4
  • was stannis baratheon invited to the red wedding?
  • is stannis baratheon mad
  • what supernatural power does stannis have at his disposal?on game of thrones
  • is stannis wrong?
  • does stannis baratheon betray robert

I love all the questions on what supernatural powers might Stannis have at his disposal.


Stannis’ Supernatural Arsenal is Standing Right Next to Him

He looks older? Really? I’m not noticing him noticably older or whatever.

Mad, wrong… who’s to say?

But he totally wasn’t invited to the Red Wedding, and he never betrayed Robert. How dare you?!!!!

GAME OF THRONES – Theon Greyjoy

For someone whose story attracts a lot of “OMG this is soooo booooring” comments, Theon was quite the popular target for search queries. Everyone seems to be interested in ladies man Theon, based on the texts:

  • theon greyjoy
  • i’m not theon greyjoy
  • why does ramsay hate theon
  • ramsay snow what if theon guess right
  • what happened to theon greyjoy
  • theon greyjoy ramsay
  • theon greyjoy jon snow
  • why didnt the greyjoys want winterfell
  • a song of ice and fire theon greyjoy
  • the future of theon greyjoy
  • did ramsay snow castrate theon
  • theon torture porn
  • why does ramsay torture theon
  • who were the first people torturing theon
  • what hapened to robb starks army outside winterfell
  • who’s torturing theon
  • bran stark talks to theon greyjoy
  • game of thrones theon’s torture
  • is theon beautiful
  • what happens theon greyjoy
  • why does ramsey snow torture a stark traitor when his father killed robb stark
  • was theon greyjoy torture in the book
  • is theon greyjoy redeemed
  • why is everyone so mean to theon
  • theon greyjoy reek tv book differences
  • in defense of theon greyjoy
  • torture porn of theon sickening review
  • game of thrones flaying of theon greyjoy
  • details on ramsay torturing theon
  • ramsay snow teases theon
  • reasons to support greyjoys
  • greyjoy name from bastard
  • what’s the future of ramsay snow in the book
  • why us theon greyjoy so hated
  • theon grejoy rapped and castrated



ramsay snow teases theon” – Wow. That big tease, Ramsay.


Is Theon Beautiful? (Uh, No… How is That Even a Search Query?)

It’s interesting to me that people had these questions about Theon and his fate, but I assume these searches were either fired up at the end of Season Two, when no one knew who had burned down Winterfell (Ramsay did, because it weakens the Starks) or throughout Season Three, when the show was deliberately “teasing” us with Ramsay’s identity.

I don’t think I had an queries with the name “Reek” though. (That I could see*)


I’ll make this my last Game of Thrones category, even though I can keep going on and on with hits on Sansa, Arya, and Robb Stark. I have a soft spot for Jon Snow, so here are the relevant queries for that gentle-mannered bastard.

  • jon snow
  • jon snow and ygritte
  • ygritte and jon snow
  • jon snow’s girlfriend
  • jon snow boring
  • will jon snow take back winterfell?
  • jon snow is boring
  • jon snow ygritte
  • sullen jon snow
  • why did jon snow leave ygritte
  • defense of jon snow
  • jon snow artwork
  • jon snow sitting pn th throne
  • theon greyjoy jon snow
  • jon snow u imagine
  • emo jon snow
  • john snow northern bastard
  • jon snow hate
  • jon snow imagine
  • jon snow journalist
  • does anyone dislike jon snow
  • jon snow personality
  • describing jon snow
  • jon snow images breaking bad
  • jon snow as a boyfriend
  • jon snow leaves ygritte
  • does jon snow kill ygrette
  • jon snow wildling girl
  • game of thrones jon snow on throne
  • jon snow sexy
  • john snows girlfriend clingy
  • i hate jon snow
  • jon snow you were right the whole time
  • jon in robb’s army
  • why do people hate jon snow
  • jon snow storyline
  • jon snow girl

The “i hate jon snow” answers the question “does anyone dislike jon snow” query, clearly.



I like how most of the queries are on hitting on some personality attribute or other aspect of Jon: emo, sullen, boring, and sexy, or they’re focused on his doomed relationship with Katniss Everdeen. I mean, Ygritte. (Look, they’re both the Girl on Fire.)


Okay, none of these are crazy weird, and I kind of get where most of them are coming from or why they clicked with my blog content, but still. Weird. Expletive Warning… this is the Internet.

  • angry love wallpaper
  • make life less boring
  • walt and jesse get upducted
  • hoes lets talk about
  • warm loving thoughts
  • fuck my wife
  • happy times zombies
  • shaved dad head
  • being strangled
  • face on punching bag in movie

I think I can make some haikus out of some of those lines.


Okay, just weird to me.

  • sponaugle died 2014
  • sponaugle died november 2013

I guess it’s just weird to see my name next to “died.” EVER.


Okay, that’s my last Blog Anniversary post for this year. Next year, we’ll see what happened on the blog during Year Two.

Images from HBO’s Game of Thrones, obviously.

Normally, I make a disclaimer to the artwork but some claims to the text. There’s not a lot of text I can claim on this post though, right? Okay, I make some claims to all the stuff I obviously wrote. So there.

© Patrick Sponaugle 2014 Some Rights Reserved

* Search strings represent only unencrypted terms. Since Google encrypts search queries, the entire corpus of query strings is unknowable, so the exposed clear-text strings are used as the approximate corpus, with no reasonable assumptions of true representative accuracy. I’m using big words. Check Out the Big Brain on Brad!

  1. I’m so glad you did this post, Patrick. I particularly loved the weird category. “Warm loving thoughts” and “make life less boring”? Some search terms are just so weird you really have to wonder how the heck these people ended up on your blog, of all places.


    • Thanks Carrie, for your feedback and for posting your original weird-search-term post, which gave me the inspiration for this one.

      (People, everyone should check out Carrie’s blog. She reads a million books and reviews them with top-notch style.)


  2. Just as long as people aren’t FINDING anything with those weird searches…


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