Shameless Self-Promotion: I was asked to write a Game of Thrones Recap

Posted: July 5, 2014 by patricksponaugle in Blogging, Game of Thrones, TV
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I’ve had this blog for a just under a year, and most of it has been Game of Thrones-related. Not episode recaps or reviews, mostly opinions, or musings, or justifying some the characters’ bad decisions. I guess.


Writing about the show is enjoyable, and helps pass the time in-between seasons. (Only 9 more months until Season 5!) And the television show provides tons of things to write and opine about.

To my joy (and thanks to great support from some of my favorite podcasts who were very generous towards me) my blog received attention during Season Four, and I was asked by the publisher over at the Film School Rejects site if I’d be willing to write a recap for the most recent season for them.

Well, yes! I would indeed be willing. And so I did.

Now I can tell my dad that I got paid for all this blogging. (Don’t get excited, Dad. My recompense will finance a dinner out with my wife. I’m not quitting my day job.)

If anyone is interested in checking out my Game of Thrones recap, in my Breaking Bad recap style of big-season-overview plus a handful of observations, please check it out HERE.

Should you wish to leave comments, here or there, awesome. Busting on me for my shameless self-promotion is not discouraged. I’m guilty, yo.

With luck, I’ll be able to swing a few more quest-contributor articles focusing on Game of Thrones, but I’ll still be posting my own GoT-related articles here. One every fortnight* until 2015, and then I’ll be posting every week until Season Five starts, when I’ll take a hiatus to enjoy the show.

Next Wednesday (not this upcoming Wednesday, but the next one…) I’ll be posting an article about that rather minor character from Dorne, Prince Oberman. Oberwan-Kenobi. His name is something like that. Who can keep all those crazy names straight?

(Prince Oberyn. One of my stand-out favorites from A Storm of Swords. And I can finally talk about him.)


Images from HBO’s Game of Thrones, obviously.

*Why Fortnight? I was confused that bi-weekly and bi-monthly can mean The Same Thing (as in once every two weeks, although bi-weekly *can* mean twice a week, and bi-monthy *can* mean once every two months.) Rather than use semi-monthly (or a term I considered coining “hemi-monthly”) I thought ye olde terme Fortnight would be good to use for Game of Thrones stuff.

© Patrick Sponaugle 2014 Some Rights Reserved

  1. Sue Archer says:

    Congrats, Pat! Hope you enjoyed your dinner. 😉


    • Thanks Sue! (To be honest, I haven’t gotten the cash in hand yet, but I have faith in FSR to pay up. And I know some Faceless Men should they not pay up. Just kidding! Or am I?)


  2. Denise says:

    Not up to date (still series 2 just got onto the rat-bucket scene) but sort of skim read it to get the gist and loved it. You have a great writing style and I am glad your GoT blog has received some deserved recognition.


  3. Great post! I love the captions! Congrats on being asked to write it!


  4. Reblogged this on DBCII and commented:
    Today I wanted to join in celebrating with a blogging friend! Patrick Sponaugle over at “I Can’t Possibly be Wrong All The Time” – a blog largely devoted to Game of Thrones thoughts – got asked to write a season 4 review for Film School Rejects! Sounds like he even got paid for the experience! Definitely worth following his link to the post he wrote!


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