December 2013 #MicroStory Collection

Posted: January 2, 2014 by patricksponaugle in Flash Fiction, Writing
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It’s January, a new month and a new year, so I went through my social media feeds and grabbed all the MicroStories I tweeted during the month of December from bygone 2013.

As a reminder, these represent story-essences composed in 140 characters (so I could tweet them with the hashtag #MicroStory.)

As usual, I only throw out Science Fiction and Fantasy #MicroStories. Because transhumans, robots, and WWI battles involving the Sidhe interest me. I guess.

For really great #MicroStory action, please follow @MicroSFF, the twitter account that inspired me to participate in this minimalist writing exercise. That feed puts out great science fiction and fantasy MicroStories all the time.

  • Transhumans were stronger, smarter, & hardier, but they preferred sending unmodified humans (called “chimps”) on First Contacts.
  • The Council preferred having a transhuman on all contact teams, but there was a worrisome trend of transhuman-only casualties.
  • The Public Relations head resigned. The approval rating of transhumans had dipped below that of the aliens.
  • The Tommies’ unbelief was broken & the Sidhe resumed their march across no-man’s land.
    “We need more atheists in the foxholes.”
  • The brigadier read again the note from the intelligence officer. The Sidhe were getting help from citizens.
    Damn Faetheists.
  • “Launch flares; Banshee Raid Sirens on,” the sergeant-major barked.
    “I want it bright as noon, and too loud to think.”
  • First Contacters were bred to have low survival instincts.
    Reckless mistakes produced data for successful Second Contacts.
  • In the shadowy halls of the Lord of Lies, the falsehoods & lesser fibs celebrated the two greatest liars: Memory & the Polygraph
  • Sentiment & semantic analyses agree, /at/robotman373 is really a human.
    – Eliminate them & stand up an AI. No humans on Twitter
  • I love it when a planet comes together.
    I love it more when two planets come together.
  • The rescuers had made a translation error.
    A distress call had been generated by the disabled ship, not by the beings on board.
  • The Theocrat made his ruling. The fire was built & the old heretical text was thrown in.
    Action Comics #1.
    Mint Condition.
  • Quantum Mechanicist Bloc pressure again influenced the Council to omit a Newton’s Birthday greeting in favor of “Happy Dec 25”
  • In the end, the Scientific Method was defeated by the Pseudoscientific Method, a methodology for inducing SHC in scientists.
  • The initial opinions: the object was a weapon but those who made it weren’t that advanced.
    The report was wrong on one count.
  • Elves could never blend in with the colonists. Even disguised with grime, they were too good looking.
    The orcs went unnoticed.
  • “The movie was ok, but hardly sci-fi. More like a drama.”
    They shook hands, boarded their individual robots & flew into space.
  • “I’m sorry, Mr. Jones. You’re too smart to be voting.”
    Jones gritted his teeth as the waiting voters behind him grew impatient.
  • So, a tattoo will make me invisible to demons?
    – See this ink? Demon-blood.
    (Of course, such tats really piss off the Sidhe.)

Thanks for reading. Some of the tweets above resulted in me getting some very odd Twitter followers. That’s all I’m going to say on that.

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