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The Second Trailer for Game of Thrones S5 just dropped, and I enjoyed screencapping the first one, so I did the same treatment for this trailer.


Stannis: Spoilers? I Never Cared for Spoilers.
Davos: I’ve Never Brought You a Spoiled Onion, Your Grace.

This will be a non-spoilery analysis, in that I will describe exactly what I see, and not what I know or can speculate from reading the books. I’ll save that for a more spoilery analysis.


Over the weekend, my wife and I saw the Game of Thrones IMAX presentation, which included the Season 5 trailer. I’m in full-on Game of Thrones blogging mode now (if putting out one article a week can be considered full-on) and I have a Jaime Lannister article to release in a day or so, but I needed to write up a breakdown of the trailer and post it.



Oh yeah, this post is just going to present screenshots of the trailer, without any spoilery analysis or speculation. (I will certainly link to my backup blog, where I will spoil and speculate all over the trailer.)

Here, I’ll just be posting (most of) the images from the trailer, and describing what I see. Yes, riveting, I know.

Obviously, if you don’t want to see the images from the trailer (like, you know, you’re totally avoiding the trailer and any hints of what’s to come in the season) then I understand if you skip this post. We’re good.