D-Lemma: The Hard Truth Premieres

Posted: November 19, 2018 by patricksponaugle in Arts, Movie Review
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As some of you may or may not know, my wife Lisa got involved in local acting a few years ago. It started with her responding to a call for extras on the Netflix show House of Cards.

Enjoying her time pretending to be at a political gala, Lisa began to audition for more background roles, and after taking some classes, studying, and auditioning for projects in the DC area, she began to get jobs in local commercials, print ads, and small TV bits. Besides those small-screen appearances, she’s been in a handful of student films, but this year she landed a role in D-Lemma: The Hard Truth. This indie film had a premiere last weekend in Washington DC, and I was honored to be invited by my wife to attend. (Look, she could have invited anyone else on the planet, but she chose me. Boom.)

On the Red Carpet (Left to Right): Millie Cupp (director of photography), Lisa Sponaugle (my wife), Tammy Hineline (director/writer), and Stephanie Kline (producer)

I’m often asked to read lines with Lisa when she preps for auditions, and the script for D-Lemma was hilarious. The big non-spoilery elevator pitch for the film: it’s a mockumentary where a prize-winning fictional journalist interviews so-called experts in men’s health – with a particular focus on men’s junk. It’s a feminist dick-centric comedy.

I could not have been happier that Lisa was cast in the role of one of these experts.

For a better, and far funnier pitch for the film, I recommend you watch their kickstarter video on the film’s website: dlemmafilm.com

Please, go check it out. I’ll wait.

It’s a short film, but packed with jokes. So many jokes.

I’m looking forward to my copy of the movie (as a Kickstarter backer, I get some perks) so I can stifle my laughter and hear the jokes that I missed.

The premiere evening was a special time: Stephanie and Tammy were great, but in my opinion special attention should be given to executive producer Shawn who planned his bachelor party with the premiere in mind, bringing his entourage to see the film as part of their revelry.

On Twitter, Stephanie announced that it was the Most Woke Bachelor Party.

After the film, one of the backers (whose name was Aaron, I seem to recall) took to the center and stated (I wish I could quote him exactly – I can only paraphrase) that comedy was reserved for things too important for drama. And that D-Lemma: The Hard Truth tackled an important issue. I agree 100%. An issue tangentially related to penises.

Talking to the film’s creators (which would be Tammy and Stephanie, of course, but I wanted to throw that phrase out there: film’s creators, that’s badass) – I happily heard that they had exciting and ambitious ideas in store for the film. As I mentioned above, I’ll be getting my own copy as a Kickstarter reward, but I hope everyone can get a chance to see it at some point.

(And not just because Lisa is in the movie and is very, very funny.)


All History of the Penis with @dilemmafilm factoids came from the premiere: delightful cards with the blurred eggplant logo on one side, amazing (and no doubt 100% true, maybe) factoids on the other.

I make no claim to the images, and I hope they forgive me for using them here on the blog because I totally should have asked first. Those cards are hilarious – I have a bunch of them.

The red carpet image is from Stephanie Kline’s Facebook page. Yes, I stole that too. I hope she doesn’t mind. (Stephanie, if you read this and do mind, I’ll be happy to change the pictures I’m using – I think I can steal some photos from Lisa’s phone. Thank you again for casting my wife, she loved working on the film.)

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  1. Leah says:

    Wow! Congratulations to Lisa! I think I remember the extras stuff, but I didn’t know it went this well!

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