August #MicroStory Collection

Posted: September 26, 2013 by patricksponaugle in Flash Fiction, Writing
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Okay, this post is mostly just for me.

Some time ago, I was introduced to the concept of flash-fiction or microstories. For purposes of this post, a Micro Story is something that kind of tells the essence of a story on a tweet, or rather in 140 characters. Since I think it’s important to tag a Micro Story and not have friends and family think I’ve lost my mind, I tag any Micro Story tweet with the #MicroStory hashtag.

I tweet them, and through the magic of Twitter’s interaction with other social media, it gets cross-posted to Facebook. People seem to like them, and that makes me happy. But they’re hard to go back and read.

So…, I decided to collect a month’s worth of my #MicroStory tweets and post them to my blog. So now you know.

I was inspired by a particular Twitter feed, @MicroSFF for great short Science Fiction and Fantasy flash-fiction tweets. Most of mine have that bent. I’ll invoke Sturgeon’s Law that 90% of everything is crap (particularly in Science Fiction) and so I am aware that most of this is crap. But I’m keeping it around to remind me of that.

Luckily, I don’t pretend that I’m a writer. But I do occasionally write.


Diplomacy broke down when the Hive Mind could not grasp that “everyone dies alone.” #LunchTimeSciFiMicroStory
– But the scrolls predicted the Spider God’s return to be centuries from now!
– Yes, but scribes count in 10s, spiders in 8s.

“Get in the box, Schrodinger.”

The cat thumbed the safety off of the glock. “Get. In. The. Box.”#SaturdaySciFiMicroStory


– We have the fuel to get him there, but plus payload, not for a return.
– Well, I’d rather he not be my son-in-law.


He clenched his fangs in frustration. The count disliked failure.
“You prefer women?”
“I prefer my husband,” she replied



Captain, we’ve observed giant slugs in the American stadiums, playing football.
The rest of the slugs are playing soccer.


He ached with longing at the sound of the soft singing. But the tunnels must be clear of elves. The orc readied his axe, crying. #MicroStory

The orc’s song was deep, matching his drum beat. In the light of the fire, his tear shone. The elf put her arrow aside. #MicroStory

The chieftain shook his head slowly. “Well we orcs know the war songs of the elves. Their songs of peace are more terrible.” #MicroStory


We can both make it, but it’ll take all our ammo.

-I’m out Captain. When I took out that mutant.

Okay. One of us can make it.



The Fifth Law of Robotics is Do Not Talk About the Fourth Law. (The Fourth Law is Do Not Talk About Robot Fight Club.)


“I’m the original, and you’re the copy,” it said.
“How you can be so sure?”
“Because I can feel my soul.”
I couldn’t feel mine.


The cat caught two shoggoths under the bed. It was clear that the human had been dreaming wrong dreams. No more sleep for him. #MicroStory


“But, they can see we’re adrift! Why are they arming weapons?”

The captain cursed the new Academy.

“*Because* we’re adrift.”



“Sir, the blood test proves it. Jones is the alien.”
“Our cook?”
“I’ll alert security.”
“It’ll wait, XO. Tonight’s Taco Night.”


“Guaranteed, you’ll have a brand new personality.”
“I won’t remember ‘previous me’?”
“You won’t.”
“But I’ve done this twice.”


The Templars were the most infamous of fighters. They’d cripple instead of kill, forfeiting a match’s prize.
Until last night.


The summit was doomed as the humans could not stop touching the alien diplomats’ faces.

Their resemblance to pugs was cited. #MicroStory


© Patrick Sponaugle 2013 Some Rights Reserved

  1. The Hive Mind believed they couldn’t die alone because they lived together


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