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Star Wars: The Feedback Awakens

Posted: January 4, 2016 by patricksponaugle in Movie Review, Opinion, Star Wars
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This post will be discussing the latest Star Wars movie: The Force Awakens. And I’ll not restrain myself from spoilery topics.


This will in part be a review I guess, but will in large part be my experience with the Star Wars universe, my take-away from the current one, things I liked, etc. It’ll be the first of several posts talking about The Force Awakens.



This has happened before. This will happen again.

The year is nearly over, so at some point I’ll look at how my blog performed in 2015 (I don’t think I’m using the word “performed” correctly, but when has improper language usage stopped me?)

For the second year in a row, I hit my blogging goal of putting out a Game of Thrones-related post every week before the new season started up, and every two weeks after the season ended. (Except in rare instances, I don’t blog about Game of Thrones during the season. I’m too busy reading everyone else’s recaps.)


This post will be talking about a secondary character from HBO’s Game of Thrones. In the discussion, there will no doubt be references to plot points from the first five seasons of the show, so if you’re not caught up, this is your spoiler warning.


Spoiler babies! What’s the worst that would happen? That you’ll find out I’m a secret Targaryen?

Ser Bronn of the Blackwater, the son of You-Wouldn’t-Know-Him, is one of my favorite characters on Game of Thrones. (Look, I admit that nearly every character is a favorite. It’s really hard to choose.)

I just assumed Bronn was universally liked. I mean, he’s funny, he’s a good companion to Lannisters for clever dialog, he kicks ass. What’s not to like?